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Elin Hilderbrand books in order. A list of Elin Hilderbrand books.

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Elin Hilderbrand, often dubbed the “Queen of the Summer Novel,” has captured the hearts of readers with her captivating tales set against the beautiful backdrop of Nantucket. For fans new and old, having a complete list of her books in order can be a valuable resource.

Whether you’re diving into her world for the first time or looking to complete your collection, this article provides a comprehensive guide to all of Hilderbrand’s works in their intended sequence. Let’s journey together through her literary timeline!

Here is a complete list of all Elin Hilderbrand books in order of release:

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order: Non Series

The Beach Club

The novel revolves around the lives of the staff and guests of the Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel, weaving in romance, friendships, heartbreak, and new beginnings.

At the heart of the story is the Beach Club’s dedicated manager, Mack Petersen. Mack has been with the Beach Club for twelve years, and during this time, he’s seen it all – from romantic affairs to family dramas. He’s also harbored a long-standing love for a woman he believes he can’t have.

As the summer season kicks off, a variety of characters descend on the Beach Club. There’s the beautiful and mysterious Maribel, a new guest who attracts attention wherever she goes. The lovebirds Vance and Cecily, who are trying to plan a perfect wedding but find that love isn’t always straightforward. Then, there’s Bill Elliot, who arrives to escape his life’s pressures and ends up making a surprising connection.

Throughout the summer, secrets come to the surface, romances spark, old flames are rekindled, and life-changing decisions are made. The Beach Club becomes a backdrop to these intertwined tales, each capturing a different facet of life, love, and the inevitable changes that come with time.

Nantucket Nights

Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand delves deep into the complexities of female friendships, secrets, and the consequences of choices made in the past. The story unfolds on the idyllic island of Nantucket, where the picturesque landscapes often contrast with the tempestuous lives of its inhabitants.

At the center of the narrative are three close friends: Kayla, Antoinette, and Val. For two decades, they’ve upheld a tradition of spending one night each summer swimming at midnight in the ocean, a ritual that allows them to bond and share secrets they wouldn’t otherwise reveal.

As the story unfolds, however, what starts as another of their summer adventures turns into a mysterious tragedy. One of the friends mysteriously disappears after one of their midnight swims, leaving the others to grapple with questions and mounting dread.

The ensuing search for their missing friend leads to a cascade of revelations, as the two remaining women confront not only the current mystery but also the web of secrets, betrayals, and deeply buried truths in their own lives. Relationships are tested, and the façade of their perfect friendships begins to crumble, revealing the fragility of trust and the price of keeping secrets.

Summer People

Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand is a heartfelt story set against the backdrop of Nantucket Island. The narrative delves into the complexities of family relationships, love, loss, and self-discovery.

The novel begins with the sudden passing of Arch Newton, a man who loved summering on Nantucket with his family. Following his will’s instructions, his widow, Beth, and their teenage twins, Winnie and Garrett, are to spend one last summer at their beloved Nantucket house. However, there’s a unique stipulation: they must share the home with Marcus, Arch’s best friend, and someone the family barely knows.

As the summer unfolds, each character undergoes personal growth and faces their individual challenges. Beth struggles with grief while trying to find her place in a world without her husband. Winnie, on the brink of adulthood, encounters first love and learns about its intricacies. Garrett, a rebellious spirit, comes to terms with his actions and their consequences. And Marcus, while initially a mystery, slowly reveals layers of his own life and connection to Arch.

Amidst the golden beaches and picturesque landscapes, the Newton family discovers that they’re not just summer people. They belong to Nantucket and to each other. Relationships are tested, bonds are strengthened, and by the end of the summer, everyone has changed in some unexpected way.

The Blue Bistro

The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand transports readers to Nantucket, where the enchanting Blue Bistro stands as one of the island’s most renowned eateries. The restaurant, however, is gearing up for its last summer of operation, adding an air of nostalgia and urgency to everything that unfolds.

The story begins when Adrienne Dealey, a woman with years of experience in hotel jobs but none in restaurants, finds herself in Nantucket, looking for a fresh start. Almost broke and in desperate need of a job, she surprisingly lands a position as the assistant to the Blue Bistro’s co-owner, Thatcher Smith.

The Blue Bistro isn’t just any restaurant; it has a magical aura, a unique charm, and a reputation for being nearly impossible to get a reservation. Adrienne soon finds herself immersed in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of the restaurant industry, amidst the backdrop of a summer on the island.

As the days go by, Adrienne becomes more acquainted with the intriguing and secretive world of the Bistro and its equally enigmatic head chef and co-owner, Fiona. Fiona is a culinary genius, with an aura of mystery surrounding her past. As Adrienne delves deeper into the lives of her coworkers, she discovers love, loyalty, heartbreak, and the passion that drives the Bistro’s success.

The Love Season

The Love Season by Elin Hilderbrand is a poignant tale set against the beautiful backdrop of Nantucket. The story weaves intricate relationships, past regrets, and the power of redemption.

Central to the narrative is Marguerite Beale, a once-renowned chef, who has isolated herself from the world after a tragic event from years ago. Living a solitary life in her Nantucket home, Marguerite is haunted by memories of her past, especially those of a summer evening that changed everything.

The story gains momentum when Marguerite gets an unexpected call from Renata Knox, a beautiful young woman from her past. Renata asks Marguerite to dine with her, and though hesitant, Marguerite agrees.

Their meeting stirs old memories and opens up old wounds. As the evening unfolds, secrets from that fateful summer evening start to unravel. The narrative delves deep into the lives of these two women, the choices they made, and the consequences they face. The interplay between the present and flashbacks offers a rich tapestry of emotions, regrets, and chances at redemption.


Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand takes readers to the sandy shores of Nantucket, painting a touching portrait of friendship, challenges, and personal growth.

The story revolves around three women who come to Nantucket for a summer escape, each bringing their own set of troubles and heartaches. There’s Vicki, diagnosed with lung cancer and seeking the island’s therapeutic environment for her recovery. Her younger sister, Brenda, joins her after being fired from her prestigious job for having an affair with a student. Their mutual friend, Melanie, is also in tow, dealing with the emotional aftermath of discovering her husband’s infidelity while she’s pregnant.

Together, the trio rents a beach house and hires a young local, Josh, as their driver and assistant. Josh, too, has his own story and a past that intertwines with the island.

As the summer progresses, each woman grapples with her respective challenges. Vicki wrestles with her health and the fear of leaving her young children motherless. Brenda faces the consequences of her choices, while Melanie contends with impending motherhood and a broken marriage.

The Island

The Island by Elin Hilderbrand transports readers to the scenic Tuckernuck Island, a remote place located off the coast of Nantucket. The novel delves deep into the lives of four women from the same family, each grappling with her own emotional challenges, as they come together for a transformative summer.

Birdie Cousins, in the midst of a divorce, decides to take a leap of faith and organizes a trip to the family’s old summer home on Tuckernuck Island. Her hope is to spend some quality time with her daughter Chess, who’s recently experienced heartbreak. Along for the journey are Birdie’s sister, India, who’s hiding a secret of her own, and Birdie’s other daughter, Tate, who’s trying to figure out her place in the world.

Tuckernuck, with no electricity or stores and very few distractions, becomes the perfect backdrop for the women to confront their individual struggles. As the days go by, the seclusion forces them to rely on each other for companionship and support, resulting in strengthened bonds and unexpected revelations.

Silver Girl

Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand is a tale of redemption, friendship, and the transformative power of a Nantucket summer.

Meredith Delinn finds herself at the center of a major scandal when her husband, Freddy, is arrested for running a massive Ponzi scheme, leaving many of their friends and acquaintances devastated. Meredith becomes an outcast, vilified for her association with Freddy and blamed for not knowing about or benefiting from his crimes. With her world in shambles and her reputation tarnished, Meredith feels isolated and desperate for a fresh start.

Seeking solace and a place to escape the media frenzy, Meredith reaches out to her estranged childhood friend, Connie Flute. Connie, dealing with her own grief after the death of her husband, reluctantly agrees to take Meredith in at her home in Nantucket.

On the island, the two women, each grappling with past mistakes and present sorrows, try to rebuild their bond. Nantucket, with its tranquil beaches and tight-knit community, provides them with the perfect backdrop to heal, reflect, and rediscover themselves. As the summer unfolds, Meredith and Connie confront old secrets, form new relationships, and find ways to move forward in the face of adversity.


Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand is a poignant tale set on the idyllic Nantucket Island, focusing on the lives of the island’s residents as they grapple with the aftermath of a tragic event.

The story begins with a devastating car accident on the night of high school graduation, which leaves one teenager, Penny Alistair, dead and another, her twin brother Hobby, in a coma. The accident not only shakes their family but also ripples through the tight-knit Nantucket community, revealing hidden secrets and bringing to light old grudges.

At the center of this narrative is the Alistair family. Zoe, the mother, is a successful chef who must now cope with the unimaginable loss of one child and the uncertain fate of another. Meanwhile, Penny’s boyfriend, Jake, struggles with guilt and grief, as does Demeter Castle, a classmate with her own set of secrets that intertwine with Penny’s last days.

As the story unfolds, the lives of these characters intersect in unexpected ways. Relationships are tested, new bonds are formed, and mysteries about that fateful night begin to unravel. Throughout the narrative, Hilderbrand delves deep into themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and redemption.

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand is set against the beautiful backdrop of Nantucket and revolves around the Carmichael family as they gather for a wedding.

The story unfolds around Jenna Carmichael’s wedding. Jenna’s mother, Beth, who passed away seven years ago from cancer, left behind “The Notebook” for Jenna, a guide filled with advice and instructions for her daughter’s future wedding day. While Jenna never got to plan her wedding with her mother, the notebook becomes a significant part of the wedding planning, as Jenna and the family adhere to Beth’s wishes laid out in it.

The Carmichael family, each with their own troubles and secrets, comes together for Jenna’s big day. Among them is Jenna’s sister, Margot, who is dealing with personal struggles and is protective of Jenna. There’s also Doug, Jenna’s brother, who brings along his new (and much older) girlfriend, creating a buzz among the guests. The groom’s side is not without drama either, adding to the potpourri of emotions and events.

As the wedding day approaches, relationships are tested, past wounds are reopened, and new bonds are formed. Amidst the joy of the occasion, the shadow of Beth’s absence looms large, making it a bittersweet experience for many. The wedding becomes not just a union of two people in love but also a reflection on life, loss, and the importance of family.

The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand is a poignant tale set against the idyllic backdrop of Nantucket Island. This novel explores themes of love, destiny, and life’s unexpected turns.

The central character, Dabney Kimball Beech, has a unique gift: she can predict with uncanny accuracy whether a couple is perfectly matched. Throughout her life, Dabney has successfully paired 42 couples, and her matchmaking prowess is legendary in Nantucket. However, when it comes to her own love life, things are more complicated.

Dabney’s heart has always belonged to Clendenin Hughes, her first love. But life took them in different directions, with Clen pursuing journalism around the world, while Dabney remained on Nantucket. Though they’ve been apart for many years, Dabney has never stopped loving him.

In the present, Dabney is happily settled with her loving husband, Box, and their daughter, Agnes. However, when Clendenin returns to Nantucket after a long absence, Dabney’s world is turned upside down. Old feelings resurface, and Dabney is torn between her past and her present.

The Rumour

The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand is set in the scenic backdrop of Nantucket, a place known for its tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone. In such a setting, rumors spread like wildfire, and in this novel, they threaten to change the lives of its residents irrevocably.

The story primarily revolves around two best friends, Grace Pancik and Madeline King. Grace is known for her beautiful garden and her loving family, including her husband Eddie and their twin teenage daughters. On the surface, her life seems perfect. Madeline, on the other hand, is a struggling writer facing a deadline that she’s finding hard to meet.

As the summer progresses, the pressure starts building up. Madeline is in search of a story, and Grace, desperate to find some happiness away from her seemingly idyllic life, gets involved in something she shouldn’t. Their personal lives become intertwined in ways neither of them could have imagined.

The grapevine starts buzzing. Whispered conversations, glances, and speculations become the order of the day. A rumor about a secret love affair begins to circulate, causing tension, fracturing friendships, and putting strain on family ties. As the rumor takes on a life of its own, the entire community gets embroiled in the ensuing drama, leading to unexpected revelations and consequences.

Here’s to Us

The setting is the scenic Nantucket, a favorite backdrop for many of Hilderbrand’s novels. The story unfolds around a small cottage, and the gathering of three women, who, under normal circumstances, would have preferred to steer clear of one another. What brings them together? Their mutual connection to a famous chef named Deacon Thorpe, who has recently passed away.

The women are Deacon’s three wives: Laurel, Belinda, and Scarlett. Each wife was an important chapter in Deacon’s colorful life, and each represents a different kind of love story. Laurel was his high school sweetheart and the mother of his first child. Belinda, a glamorous Hollywood celebrity, was his second wife and the reason for his rise to fame. Scarlett, the last to marry Deacon, is a passionate woman known for her fierce love and temper.

After Deacon’s unexpected death, the women and their respective families are summoned to the Nantucket cottage by Deacon’s will. The request is simple: to spread his ashes and celebrate his life. But for the women, the situation is complicated. There’s a rich tapestry of unresolved feelings, jealousies, old wounds, and secrets that have been kept hidden. The weekend becomes a melting pot of emotions, as the women grapple with their shared past, their feelings for Deacon, and their contrasting personalities.

The story isn’t just about these three women, though. We delve into the lives of their children, their current relationships, and how Deacon’s life and death have affected everyone. It paints a poignant picture of family dynamics, the complexities of love, and how individuals cope with grief.

The Identicals

The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand is a tale of twin sisters, Harper and Tabitha, who lead strikingly different lives despite looking exactly alike. The story is set against the beautiful backdrops of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, two islands that are just 11 miles apart but culturally distinct.

Harper and Tabitha were once inseparable, but a family rift during their teenage years drove them apart. Their parents’ divorce had the twins separated, each living with a different parent. Tabitha stayed in Nantucket with their mother, Eleanor, and became the mother to a rebellious teenage daughter, Ainsley. Meanwhile, Harper went to Martha’s Vineyard with their father, Billy, and has since lived a more free-spirited and somewhat tumultuous life, frequently finding herself in scandalous situations.

When a family crisis occurs, the twins are forced back into each other’s lives after many years of estrangement. They decide to switch places in an attempt to mend the issues in each other’s lives. Harper goes to Nantucket to try and rein in Ainsley, while Tabitha goes to Martha’s Vineyard to settle their father’s estate.

Golden Girl

Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand is set against the familiar and enchanting backdrop of Nantucket Island.

The novel revolves around the life and aftermath of Vivian Howe, a beloved Nantucket author. Vivian meets an untimely end in a hit-and-run accident. Shockingly, she finds herself in the “Beyond,” where she’s granted the unusual opportunity to watch over her loved ones for one last summer. Vivian is given three “nudges” to use, allowing her to influence events back on earth.

Back on Nantucket, Vivian’s family – her three adult children and their respective challenges, her ex-husband, and her best friend – grapple with their grief and discover secrets Vivian left behind. The family must also face the revelations about the circumstances of Vivian’s death.

The novel takes readers through a poignant journey of love, loss, mystery, and redemption. As the summer unfolds, Vivian’s family members work through their personal tribulations and, in the process, come to understand more about themselves, their connections, and the legacy Vivian has left behind.

The Hotel Nantucket

In “The Hotel Nantucket,” Lizbet Keaton seeks a fresh start following a difficult breakup. She becomes the general manager of the renovated Hotel Nantucket, a former Gilded Age gem. With the hope of impressing the hotel’s London billionaire owner, Xavier, and the popular Instagram influencer Shelly Carpenter, Lizbet dives into her new role.

However, the hotel has its challenges. It has a tragic history from 1922, where a fire led to the death of a young chambermaid named Grace Hadley, who now haunts the establishment. With complicated staff and guests each harboring their secrets, Lizbet’s journey to rejuvenate the hotel is fraught with challenges.

Throughout the novel, the reader is introduced to a rich tapestry of characters, each with their backgrounds, motivations, and secrets. Themes of financial independence, accountability, and the importance of understanding one’s past are prevalent.

The book is described as a light drama suitable for beach reading, offering just the right amount of intrigue and tension to keep readers engaged.

The Five-Star Weekend

Hollis Shaw, a well-known food blogger, faces a tragic twist of fate when her husband dies in a car crash. Seeking solace, she stumbles upon the ‘Five Star Weekend’ concept—a reunion with key friends from different life stages. Deciding to host it in Nantucket, things don’t go as smoothly as anticipated.

Among her invitees is Tatum, a childhood friend and wife to Jack, Hollis’s former flame. There’s also Dru-ann, her college buddy, now facing controversy due to some Twitter remarks. Brooke, a close confidant during Hollis’s parenting years, is set to reconcile with Electra, a dominant figure in their local community. Finally, there’s Gigi, Hollis’s online friend, whom she’s never met in person.

To top it off, Hollis’s daughter, Caroline, wishes to document the entire gathering. “The Five-Star Weekend” offers a heartwarming tale of friendship, old and new, with its typical mix of emotions and engaging characters.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order: 28 Summers Series

28 Summers

28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand tells the story of a secret love affair set on the beautiful Nantucket Island, spanning – as the title suggests – 28 summers.

The narrative begins with Mallory Blessing’s son, Link, discovering a set of phone numbers and instructions after her passing. These lead him to Jake McCloud, a man whose life is intricately tied to his mother’s, but whom he has never met.

Rewinding to 1993, Mallory inherits a beachfront cottage in Nantucket. During her first summer there, she hosts her brother Cooper and his friend from college, Jake. Mallory and Jake share an instant and undeniable connection. They decide to make a pact: no matter what happens in their lives or where they are, they’ll spend one weekend together every summer in the Nantucket house.

The novel cleverly follows their lives year by year, detailing the changes, challenges, and choices they face individually. Jake’s life is intertwined with his high-profile marriage, while Mallory’s life is more low-key, raising her son and teaching. Yet, every summer, they find solace in their secret weekends together.

As time goes on, the world around them evolves – from Bill Clinton’s presidency to the rise of cell phones and social media, from personal joys to public tragedies. Their relationship too sees its ups and downs, but the promise of Nantucket and each other stays constant.

The Sixth Wedding

In the follow-up to “28 Summers,” Jake McCloud comes back to Nantucket for the Labor Day weekend of 2023, but Mallory isn’t with him this time.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order: Nantucket Series

A Summer Affair

A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand transports readers to the idyllic Nantucket Island, where the beauty of the beaches is matched only by the complexities of human relationships.

Claire Danner Crispin, a talented glassblower, is a devoted mother to her four children and wife to her loving but somewhat distant husband, Jason. While her life might seem perfect from the outside, Claire grapples with past regrets, especially an accident that ended her professional career and left her scarred.

The story heats up when Claire is approached to chair a gala for a local children’s charity. It’s a considerable undertaking, but Claire sees it as an opportunity to give back to the community. In the process, she meets the wealthy and charismatic Lock Dixon, a benefactor for the charity. They share an immediate and undeniable connection.

As the preparations for the gala intensify, so does the relationship between Claire and Lock, leading Claire into a whirlwind of emotions, forcing her to confront her desires, loyalties, and the choices she’s made. Throughout the novel, we see Claire navigate her responsibilities, her passion for glassblowing, her friendship with her best friend, Siobhan, and the complexities of a potential extramarital relationship.

The Castaways

The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand dives deep into the intricate relationships of four couples who have formed an inseparable bond over the years, often referring to themselves as the ‘Nantucket Eight’. The story unfolds in the scenic backdrop of Nantucket Island.

The group’s bond is tested when two of its members, Greg and Tess MacAvoy, die tragically in a boating accident. Their sudden and unexpected death leaves the remaining members reeling, questioning the nature of the friendships, and even the strength of their own marital relationships.

As each couple grapples with the aftermath, the narrative delves into the inner workings of their individual relationships, past regrets, secrets, and the complexities of love. Each member of the Nantucket Eight has a unique perspective on the accident and on the MavAcoys’ relationship, leading to various revelations and surprises.

The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple is a tale set against the beautiful backdrop of Nantucket Island. The novel combines elements of romance, mystery, and drama.

As Nantucket’s wedding season peaks, the island is abuzz with anticipation for the grand wedding between the wealthy Celeste Otis and her handsome fiancé, Benji Winbury. The lavish event is set to be the talk of the town, with every intricate detail planned perfectly. The Winbury family, known for their wealth and status, are all set to welcome their newest member with a grand celebration.

However, the morning of the wedding day brings an unexpected and shocking discovery: a body is found floating in the water. The sudden event throws the planned festivities into chaos and casts a shadow of suspicion over the attendees.

As the police begin their investigation, the serene island setting unravels to reveal a web of secrets, alibis, and romantic entanglements. Everyone becomes a suspect, and the story delves into the lives of the families and guests involved, revealing that perhaps no one is as they seem. Celeste, the bride-to-be, who’s hiding her own secrets, is especially under scrutiny.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order: Winter Series

Winter Street

Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand is a heartwarming tale set against the backdrop of a quaint Nantucket inn during the Christmas season.

The story centers around the Quinn family, who run the Winter Street Inn. Kelley Quinn, the patriarch, is shocked when he discovers his second wife, Mitzi, has a lover. In the midst of this personal crisis, Kelley is also faced with the return of his four grown children, each with their own set of challenges and dramas.

Patrick, the eldest son, finds himself in a situation that could jeopardize his family and career. Kevin, the next in line, has a secret he’s been hiding, even as he tries to find love. Ava, the third child, is in a relationship but has doubts about her boyfriend’s commitment. And then there’s Bart, the youngest, who has recently joined the Marines and is stationed in Afghanistan, causing constant worry for the family.

Winter Stroll

Set against the snowy backdrop of the beautiful island of Nantucket, “Winter Stroll” continues the story of the Quinn family, which was first introduced in “Winter Street.” The Quinns are a complicated and ever-evolving family, with each member facing their own set of challenges and secrets.

Kelley Quinn, the patriarch of the family, is the proud owner of the Winter Street Inn, a charming bed-and-breakfast. As the festive Christmas season approaches, Kelley is looking forward to having all his children around and celebrating the holiday traditions. However, the Quinns’ gathering is anything but calm.

Ava, Kelley’s daughter, is in a complex romantic situation, torn between two men and unsure of where her heart truly lies. Kevin, one of Kelley’s sons, is starting a new family and grappling with the responsibilities that come with it.

Patrick, Kelley’s eldest, faces temptations that threaten to unravel the life he’s built. Meanwhile, Bart, the youngest Quinn, is far away, serving in Afghanistan, and his absence casts a shadow over the family’s festivities.

Adding to the drama, Kelley’s ex-wife, Margaret, a famous news anchor, decides to spend the holidays on Nantucket, while his current wife, Mitzi, struggles with her own secrets.

Winter Storms

Winter Storms is the third installment in Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street series, set against the snowy backdrop of Nantucket Island during the holiday season.

The Quinn family is at the center of the story, and as the festive season approaches, they’re preparing for a big family celebration. But, as with any family, the Quinns have their fair share of challenges, secrets, and interpersonal dynamics that make every gathering a unique mix of warmth, tension, and drama.

Patriarch Kelley Quinn is the owner of the Winter Street Inn, a bed and breakfast in Nantucket. This year, he hopes to have a perfect Christmas gathering with all his loved ones, but life’s complications keep intruding. He’s dealing with health issues and remains concerned about his four adult children who each face their own trials and tribulations.

Ava, one of Kelley’s daughters, is in a complicated love triangle, struggling to choose between two men who have won her heart. Kevin, Kelley’s son, is trying to build a life with his partner, Isabelle, while navigating the challenges of parenthood. Patrick, another of Kelley’s sons, faces the consequences of his past actions and has to figure out how to move forward. And then there’s Bart, the youngest Quinn sibling, whose whereabouts and well-being remain a constant worry for the entire family.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand is a heartwarming tale set against the backdrop of a snowy Nantucket winter. This novel is the fourth installment in the Winter series, bringing back familiar faces and introducing new challenges and joys.

At the center of the story is the Quinn family, who, over the course of the series, have experienced their fair share of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. This time, as the festive season approaches, they find themselves reuniting once again in their cherished family home.

Patriarch Kelley Quinn is now in a relationship with Mitzi, who once was the Winter Street Inn’s Santa Claus. The two are navigating the new waters of their relationship while ensuring that the inn remains a beacon of warmth and joy during the holidays.

Ava, one of Kelley’s children, is trying to decide between two men who are vying for her attention. Meanwhile, her brother Bart, recently returned from Afghanistan, struggles with the ghosts of his past, seeking solace and understanding from his family.

As Christmas nears, old friends and past lovers cross paths, surprising relationships blossom, and unexpected guests turn up. The Quinns’ home is filled with the spirit of the season, a mix of joy, nostalgia, and hope for the future.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order: Paradise Series

Winter in Paradise

Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand is the first book in a captivating series set against the lush backdrop of the Caribbean island of St. John.

Irene Steele lives a comfortable life in suburban Iowa. She’s accustomed to the predictable routine with her husband, Russ, a successful businessman. However, her life is upended when she receives shocking news: Russ has died in a helicopter crash. As if this news wasn’t devastating enough, Irene discovers that the crash occurred in St. John, a place she had no idea Russ ever visited.

Determined to understand what her husband was doing on the island and seeking closure, Irene travels to St. John, accompanied by her two grown sons, Baker and Cash. There, they find a world far different from their Midwestern roots—a vibrant landscape, rich history, and secrets lurking around every corner.

As Irene delves deeper into the mystery of Russ’s secret life, she uncovers a complicated web of lies and intrigue. She realizes Russ owned a stunning villa, and even more shockingly, he had a local woman named Rosie in his life. Was she his lover? And what other truths was he hiding?

While navigating these revelations, the Steele family encounters a host of island locals, each with their own stories and secrets. As they grapple with their grief and the complexity of Russ’s other life, the beautiful and sometimes tumultuous backdrop of St. John plays a central role.

What Happens in Paradise

What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand is the second installment in a trilogy set against the idyllic backdrop of the Caribbean. The story takes us deeper into the mysteries and relationships that started in the first book, “Winter in Paradise.”

The novel continues to unravel the life of the late Russ Steele, whose unexpected death in a helicopter crash is still sending ripples through the lives of those who knew him. His widow, Irene, is now more determined to understand the secrets her husband kept and the life he led in St. John, a Caribbean island paradise. She decides to spend more time on the island, piecing together the fragments of Russ’s mysterious other life.

As Irene delves deeper into the enigma that was her husband, she discovers more about the beautiful and enigmatic Rosie, who had a close relationship with Russ. Meanwhile, Irene’s sons, Baker and Cash, are also on their own journeys of discovery, both grappling with their father’s legacy and their own personal challenges.

Troubles in Paradise

Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand is the third installment in the Paradise series. Set on the tropical island of St. John in the Caribbean, the story picks up where the previous books left off, diving deeper into the lives of the Steele family and their entangled relationships and secrets.

Irene Steele is still reeling from the shocking revelations about her late husband’s secret life. As she grapples with the emotions and complications left in his wake, Irene is determined to find answers. She’s surrounded by her two sons, Baker and Cash, who are also dealing with their own personal struggles, from relationships to the mysteries surrounding their father’s life.

The beauty of St. John serves as a stark contrast to the turmoil that engulfs the Steele family. Along with the family’s dilemmas, the island itself is bustling with its own set of challenges. Residents and newcomers, including various friends, foes, and romantic interests, add layers to the intricate storyline.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order: Summer of Series

Summer of ’69

Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand is a rich tapestry of family drama, love, and social change, set against the vibrant backdrop of the tumultuous 1960s. The story unfolds on Nantucket Island and captures the spirit of one of America’s most defining summers.

The narrative focuses on the Levin family, each member dealing with personal upheavals that reflect the broader shifts in the world around them.

The matriarch, Exalta, fondly called ‘Ex’, spends her summer at her historic home in Nantucket, as is tradition. However, this summer feels different as she misses her son, who’s fighting in the Vietnam War, and watches her granddaughters grapple with their own challenges.

The oldest granddaughter, Blair, is pregnant and trying to navigate her changing relationship with her ambitious husband. Kirby, the middle granddaughter, is striving for independence and seeks a summer job on Martha’s Vineyard, where she gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, the youngest, Jessie, is coming of age on Nantucket, discovering love, and feeling the weight of family secrets.

Summer of ’79

Reconnect with Blair, Jessie, and Kirby Levin a decade after the summer that transformed everything.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order:

Collection of Stories

Reunion Beach: Stories Inspired by Dorothea Benton Frank

In this heartfelt collection, popular authors come together to honor the celebrated author, Dorothea Benton Frank, and her outstanding work.

Using the name Dorothea Benton Frank had in mind for her next book, “Reunion Beach”, these writers, who admired and missed her deeply, created stories and poems. These pieces highlight her deep connection to her home, South Carolina, a place filled with history, charm, and unique cultural magic, which she depicted so well in her books.

Elin Hilderbrand contributes a follow-up to her book, Summer of ’69. Adriana Trigiani offers a fun, imaginary chat between well-loved Southern writers Pat Conroy and Dorothea Benton Frank. Patti Callahan tells a story about a journey to a South Carolina beach titled “The Bridemaids”. And, Mary Alice Monroe shares a touching tale set in sunny South Carolina called “Mother and Child Reunion”.

Other contributors to “Reunion Beach” include Mary Norris, a renowned author and writer for The New Yorker, Cassandra King Conroy, award-winning writer Nathalie Dupree, former South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth, Gervais Hagerty, Jacqueline Bouvier Lee, Peter Frank, Victoria Peluso, and William Frank.

All in all, “Reunion Beach” is a wonderful tribute, keeping the memory and spirit of Dorothea Benton Frank alive.

Endless Summer: Stories

The “queen of beach stories” has written nine beautiful summer tales about Nantucket, perfect for times when we miss the warmth of the beach.

Popular writer Elin Hilderbrand brings back some of her most loved characters in these special stories. The book, Endless Summer, includes both well-loved and brand-new stories. In “The Surfing Lesson,” a woman named Margot Carmichael suggests her husband meet his old girlfriend, which makes things a bit tricky. “The Tailgate” talks about a famous football game weekend and shows a story about Dabney Kimball’s first big love. And in the new story “Summer of ’89,” we see the Levin sisters again, meeting up after a long time for a family gathering on Nantucket.

Elin Hilderbrand also gives special insights before each story, showing her deep love for both Nantucket and writing short stories.

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order:

Complete List

To give you a better overview, here is a complete list of all books by Elin Hilderbrand.

Non Series:

  • The Beach Club
  • Nantucket Nights
  • Summer People
  • The Blue Bistro
  • The Love Season
  • Barefoot
  • The Island
  • Silver Girl
  • Summerland
  • Beautiful Day
  • The Matchmaker
  • The Rumour
  • Here’s to Us
  • The Identicals
  • Golden Girl
  • The Hotel Nantucket
  • The Five-Star Weekend

Winter Series:

  • Winter Street
  • Christmas on Nantucket/Winter Stroll
  • Winter Storms
  • Winter Solstice

Nantucket Series:

  • A Summer Affair
  • The Castaways
  • The Perfect Couple

28 Summers Series:

  • 28 Summers
  • The Sixth Wedding

Paradise Series:

  • Winter in Paradise
  • What Happens in Paradise
  • Troubles in Paradise

Summer of Series:

  • Summer of ’69
  • Summer of ’79

Collection of Stories:

  • Reunion Beach: Stories Inspired by Dorothea Benton Frank
  • Endless Summer: Stories

Whether you’re a long-time Elin Hilderbrand fan or just discovering her work, this list should ensure you don’t miss a single story. Dive into these books and let the emotions flow!

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