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Colleen Hoover books in order. A list of Colleen Hoover books.

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Ever been curious about diving into the world of Colleen Hoover but unsure where to start? You’re in luck! This article brings together a comprehensive list of Colleen Hoover books in order. Whether you’re hunting for standalone masterpieces or getting ready to embark on a thrilling series journey, we’ve got you covered. Plus, with brief summaries accompanying each title, choosing your next read will be a breeze. Let’s journey together through the enchanting realm of one of contemporary romance’s most celebrated authors. Happy reading!

Here is a complete list of all Colleen Hoover books in order of release:

Colleen Hoover Books in Order – Non Series

Ugly Love (2014)

Upon moving to San Francisco, Tate meets her brother’s enigmatic friend, Miles. From their first encounter, a palpable chemistry emerges between them. Miles, however, haunted by past traumas, insists on a no-strings-attached relationship.

He’s not open to love or commitment. Thinking she can handle it, Tate agrees to this casual arrangement. But as they spend more time together, the lines between physical attraction and emotional connection begin to blur.

Tate finds herself falling for Miles, despite her best efforts to keep things casual.The story alternates between the present and flashbacks from Miles’ point of view, which gradually reveal the painful events of his past and the reasons for his emotional detachment.

Throughout the novel, themes of love, pain, forgiveness, and healing are explored deeply. The title “Ugly Love” suggests the notion that love isn’t always pretty; it can be messy and complicated. But at its core, love can also be redemptive and healing, even after the deepest of traumas.

November 9 (2015)

Fallon and Ben meet unexpectedly in a diner on November 9, sharing an immediate connection. Despite their chemistry, they choose not to pursue a traditional relationship due to Fallon’s imminent move to New York. Instead, they agree to meet once a year on November 9 with no contact in between.

The narrative structure of the book is unique, as each chapter corresponds to a November 9 meeting. With each encounter, Fallon and Ben’s relationship deepens, and they face numerous challenges, external and internal.

There are moments of happiness, love, heartbreak, and revelations. Both characters experience significant personal development throughout the story, dealing with past traumas, forgiveness, understanding, and the complexities of love.

The promise to keep their lives separate except for this one day a year is tested several times, as both Fallon and Ben have their own challenges and life events that make the arrangement difficult.

As the story progresses, the significance of the date November 9 and its role in both of their lives becomes clearer. Without giving away spoilers, revelations come to light that makes the reader question the fate and the authenticity of their relationship.

Confess (2015)

Auburn stumbles upon Owen’s art studio and feels an immediate connection with him. As the narrative unfolds, the pair find themselves growing closer, and the attraction between them is palpable. However, they both have secrets, and these confessions could threaten the budding relationship. Auburn’s personal situation, which she’s fighting to resolve, is at odds with her feelings for Owen.

Owen’s unique art form – paintings inspired by anonymous confessions – plays a significant role in the story. These confessions are both a source of inspiration and a means of catharsis for the characters in the book.

The challenges Auburn and Owen face are multi-layered. Not only do they grapple with the usual struggles of a romantic relationship, but external factors, stemming from their pasts, play a significant role in their present. Both characters must make tough decisions that could either tear them apart or bring them closer together.

Too Late (2016)

Sloan is caught in a difficult and dangerous relationship that she can’t easily escape from. She’s doing her best to balance her college life and protect a loved one while dealing with the hardships of her personal life. Because of the predicament she’s in, she feels isolated and doesn’t have many friends or people she can confide in.

Enter Carter, a new student in one of her classes. He’s charming and seems to genuinely care about Sloan. The two quickly form a connection, but Sloan is hesitant because of her existing relationship and the dangers it poses. Little does she know that Carter has a secret of his own – leading a double life under the name Luke.

Asa is another character who plays a significant role in this tangled web. He’s attracted to Sloan and gets involved in her life, adding another layer of complexity to the story.

As the story unfolds, all three characters face challenges and secrets get unveiled. The narrative delves deep into themes of love, trust, deception, and the lengths one will go to protect loved ones. Throughout the book, the characters find themselves in situations that test their strength, loyalty, and love.

Without Merit (2017)

The novel is told from the perspective of Merit, who feels invisible and disconnected from her family. She often perceives herself as the black sheep and keeps a lot of family secrets, thinking it’s her responsibility. Over the course of the novel, Merit’s collection of secrets becomes a heavy burden, making her feel increasingly isolated.

Merit Voss lives in a converted church with her unique and complex family in Texas. Amidst the quirks of her family, including a mother with agoraphobia and a father with a new wife living in their basement, Merit often feels out of place. Her twin, Honor, has her own peculiarities, and their older brother, Utah, adds to the mix of family dynamics.

Life takes an intriguing turn when Merit meets Sagan at an antique shop, leading to a series of unexpected events and emotions. Additionally, her connection with Luck, an enigmatic newcomer, further complicates her life. As the story unfolds, Merit navigates family secrets, personal struggles, and the challenges of love and identity, all while grappling with her sense of belonging and self-worth.

Throughout the story, we get glimpses of the deep-seated issues and secrets of other family members. There are themes of mental health, love, misunderstanding, and the importance of communication. Each character, despite their flaws and quirks, is searching for acceptance, understanding, and love.

As tensions rise, Merit contemplates a drastic action, which becomes a turning point in the story. This decision compels the family to confront their issues, misunderstandings, and the secrets they’ve been hiding.

Never Never: The Complete Series (2017)

The story starts off with a sense of mystery and confusion. Both Charlie and Silas find themselves in a school but neither can recall any of their memories or remember who they are. It’s quickly evident to the reader that both characters are suffering from some form of amnesia.

The narrative continues with Charlie and Silas trying to piece together their lives. They discover that they were in a relationship, but there are complications and secrets that make things difficult. To understand what’s happening to them, they work together and try to uncover their shared past.

As they navigate through their daily life, they encounter friends, family members, and other people who seem to know them, even if they can’t remember these relationships. They rely on clues left by their former selves, like notes and letters, to try to solve the mystery.

During their investigation, they find out they’ve experienced this memory loss multiple times before, but the cause remains unknown. There are emotional and intense moments as they grapple with the emotions of falling in love all over again while dealing with the weight of their forgotten past.

“Never Never” is a compelling mix of romance, mystery, and psychological drama. It delves deep into the idea of memory, identity, and the lengths one would go to rediscover lost love. The simplicity of the characters’ emotions juxtaposed with the complexity of their situation creates an engaging storyline that captivates the reader from start to finish.

Verity (2017)

Struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh is handed a lifeline when she’s hired by Jeremy Crawford to finish his injured wife Verity’s bestselling series. Considering her dire financial situation, Lowen sees this as an unexpected lifeline.

To immerse herself in Verity’s notes and get a feel for the series, Lowen agrees to stay at the Crawford residence for a few days. While there, she discovers an unpublished autobiography of Verity that reveals shocking and dark secrets about the Crawford family.

The manuscript unfolds disturbing insights into Verity’s mind, showcasing events and feelings about her family, especially her children. As Lowen dives deeper into the autobiography, she begins to question what is real and what is a work of fiction. The lines between truth and fiction blur, making her stay in the house increasingly uneasy.

As Lowen spends more time at the Crawford house, she and Jeremy grow closer. Their bond intensifies due to the shared grief and the dark revelations from Verity’s manuscript. The intimacy between them becomes an essential part of the narrative.

Amidst the growing tensions, shocking truths, and emotional complexities, Lowen has to make some crucial decisions. She has to decide what to do with the manuscript, how to navigate her feelings for Jeremy, and determine who she can trust.

Regretting You (2019)

Morgan Grant and her teenage daughter, Clara, share a tumultuous relationship, intensified by their contrasting personalities and life goals. Morgan became a mother at a young age. Because she had Clara when she was only seventeen, she had to set aside many of her dreams and ambitions. This means she sometimes wonders about the ‘what ifs’ of her life. Despite this, she loves Clara deeply and wants the best for her.

Clara is a typical teenager with her own set of friends, school pressures, and a budding romantic interest. However, her world is shaken when a tragic event happens, affecting both her and her mother profoundly.

Following this tragedy, secrets from the past emerge. These secrets test the strength of Morgan and Clara’s relationship. Both of them are forced to confront their own feelings, regrets, and the choices they’ve made.

Morgan grapples with her past, and we get to see the choices she made as a teenager and how they’ve influenced her present. We also watch her deal with the challenges of being both a parent and an individual with her own needs and desires.

Throughout the story, both Morgan and Clara experience love, loss, regret, and healing. They both have to learn to forgive – others and themselves. The narrative focuses on the complexities of relationships – not just between a mother and daughter but also between lovers, friends, and other family members.

Heart Bones (2020)

Beyah’s life takes an unexpected turn when a tragic event forces her to move in with her estranged father, his new wife, and her step-brother in Texas for the summer before she leaves for college. Her father’s world contrasts sharply with the life she has known, providing a stark reminder of the disparities between their lives.

In this new environment, she meets Samson, the intriguing neighbor next door. At first glance, they seem worlds apart. He’s privileged, while she’s familiar with life’s harder edges. However, as they get to know each other, they find they have more in common than they initially thought. Both are dealing with traumatic pasts that have left deep emotional scars.

Throughout the summer, a bond forms between Beyah and Samson. They embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, helping each other confront their pasts. Their relationship evolves, filled with highs and lows, as they navigate their emotions and the complexities of their individual backgrounds.

However, as the summer progresses, secrets emerge. Beyah and Samson each have their own hidden traumas and experiences that they’ve kept guarded. The revelation of these secrets tests the strength of their relationship. They face challenges and must decide if their bond is strong enough to overcome the truths they’ve been hiding from each other and themselves.

Layla (2020)

Layla revolves around a young couple, Leeds and Layla. They meet in an unexpected and charming way at a bed-and-breakfast, where Leeds is performing as a musician. They quickly fall in love, with Layla being different and refreshing from anyone Leeds has ever met. The spark between them is immediate, and their relationship blossoms at a rapid pace.

However, after a significant and traumatic event, their relationship begins to change. Layla’s behavior becomes increasingly strange and unpredictable. Concerned for her well-being and their relationship, Leeds seeks a solution. He decides to take Layla back to the bed-and-breakfast where they first met, hoping that the familiar surroundings might help them rekindle their connection and heal Layla.

At the bed-and-breakfast, things take an eerie turn. Leeds meets another guest named Willow, who intrigues him. While he’s there to help Layla, Leeds finds himself drawn to Willow in ways he cannot explain. This complicates matters, as Leeds is torn between his commitment to Layla and his inexplicable connection with Willow.

Throughout the book, Colleen Hoover skillfully blends romance with suspense and supernatural elements. The story is filled with twists and turns, making readers question what’s real and what’s not. The emotions of the characters are palpable, and Hoover does an excellent job of diving deep into the complexities of love, loyalty, and personal growth.

Reminders of Him (2022)

Kenna was in prison because of a car accident where Scotty, her boyfriend, died. After serving a prison sentence, Kenna Rowan returns to the place of her mistakes, seeking a reunion with her daughter.

However, past decisions have left deep wounds, and Kenna struggles to find acceptance. The one ray of hope is Ledger Ward, a local bar owner with ties to her daughter. As their relationship deepens, they risk the trust of those around them. For a chance at redemption and love, Kenna must confront her past.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order – Maybe Someday Series

Maybe Someday (2014)

Sydney, a 22-year-old student, seems to have everything going for her: a steady college experience, a consistent job, and the comfort of being in love with her devoted boyfriend, Hunter. She also cherishes living with her closest friend, Tori.

However, her world is turned upside down when she stumbles upon the painful truth that Hunter is unfaithful. As she grapples with heartbreak, her enigmatic neighbor, Ridge, enters her life. Every evening, the strumming of his guitar from his balcony fills the air with passion, drawing Sydney in.

The connection is undeniable; both find solace and attraction in each other’s company. As their lives intertwine, they realize they rely on each other in ways they hadn’t anticipated.

Maybe Not – A Novella (2014)

Warren, eager for a new experience, enthusiastically agrees to share his living space with a female roommate. However, his expectations are challenged when he meets Bridgette, his new cohabitant. She comes across as cold, calculated, and difficult to get along with.

Their shared living situation quickly becomes a battleground, with tension and disagreements being the order of the day. Yet, Warren, ever the optimist, believes that someone capable of such intense emotions, even if negative, is equally capable of intense love.

Determined to prove his theory, he embarks on a mission to thaw Bridgette’s icy demeanor. Amidst their bickering, the underlying question remains: Can Bridgette let down her guard and find a way to love, particularly towards Warren?

Maybe Now (2018)

At the heart of the story lies a critical question: What truly matters – the bonds of friendship, the unwavering nature of loyalty, or the consuming force of love?

The narrative picks up with Ridge and Sydney, who, after overcoming their initial hurdles, are ecstatic to be together without any lingering guilt. However, as they enjoy their newfound relationship, their friends Warren and Bridgette continue to have a roller-coaster romance, rife with ups and downs. In another corner of their world, Maggie, who has always been close to Ridge, faces the daunting reality of her illness.

Inspired by a long-forgotten list of dreams and aspirations, she embarks on a journey to fulfill each one. As she pursues these dreams, she frequently updates Ridge, drawing him closer into her world. Sydney, witnessing this growing bond, is plagued with jealousy and doubts.

To secure her relationship with Ridge, Sydney must confront her insecurities, come to terms with the foundation of their love story, and recognize Maggie’s permanent place in their lives. The challenge lies in whether she can do so or if she will make the painful choice to part ways with Ridge.

Colleen Hoover books in Order – Slammed Series

Slammed (2012)

After her father’s sudden passing, eighteen-year-old Layken shoulders the heavy responsibility of supporting her mother and younger brother. On the outside, she portrays strength and determination, but deep within, she’s on the brink of despair. Layken’s life takes an exciting turn when she encounters her dashing new twenty-one-year-old neighbor, Will. His captivating passion for poetry slams ignites her spirit.

Their budding romance experiences a jolt when they unearth a startling revelation that puts their relationship in jeopardy. Their once effortless interactions now become laden with tension. Struggling with external pressures that threaten to pull them apart, they find solace in the heartfelt poetry they exchange. Through these verses, they voice their innermost feelings and dreams of a future where love is celebrated, not mourned.

Point of Retreat (2012)

Layken and Will’s journey of love faces yet another twist when a shocking detail from Will’s past surfaces. This revelation shakes the very foundation of their relationship, prompting them to reevaluate their understanding and trust in each other. As they grapple with this new challenge, they are confronted with a critical decision: to fight for their love and envision a shared future or to part ways and succumb to the pain of their past.

Will’s commitment to Layken is tested to its limits. He is determined to showcase the depths of his everlasting love for her. Their path to reconciliation demands extraordinary measures, and the choices they make will not only redefine their destiny but also influence the lives of those around them.

This Girl (2013)

Having braved numerous trials, Layken and Will now find comfort in their marital bliss. Layken, deeply in love with Will, yearns to delve deeper into his past and understand every facet of the man she has married. Although Will is hesitant to revisit painful memories, he can’t deny his wife’s earnest requests.

Yielding to Layken’s wishes, Will embarks on a heartfelt recount of their intricate relationship, shedding light on his deepest emotions, memorable milestones, and even some startling confessions from when they first crossed paths.

“This Girl” offers readers a unique perspective, with Will narrating their love story. As they grapple with their history, the couple’s future hinges on how effectively they come to terms with their past. This concluding chapter of the Slammed series promises a roller coaster of emotions and revelations.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order – It Ends with Us Series

It Ends With Us (2016)

Lily’s journey has been anything but straightforward. Despite the challenges she faced growing up in a small town, she’s overcome them, securing a college degree, relocating to Boston, and setting up her own enterprise.

Life takes a delightful twist when she meets Ryle Kincaid, an incredibly attractive neurosurgeon. Ryle is a mix of many things – confident, determined, perhaps a touch arrogant, but he’s also compassionate, intelligent, and completely smitten by Lily. Their chemistry is undeniable, yet Ryle’s reluctance to commit to any relationship raises alarms for Lily.

She starts to question what could have influenced his apprehension towards love. Just as Lily tries to understand Ryle better, memories of her first love, Atlas Corrigan, resurface. He wasn’t just her lover but also her anchor in tough times. The unexpected return of Atlas brings Lily’s budding relationship with Ryle into jeopardy.

It Starts with Us (2022)

Before the tumultuous events of “It Ends with Us,” there was the story of Atlas Corrigan. In this sequel, Colleen Hoover delves deeper into the life of Atlas and presents his perspective on events. After navigating the complexities of their relationship, Lily and Ryle, now divorced, have found a manageable way to co-parent. However, a chance encounter with Atlas stirs up emotions for Lily.

The two, having been apart for nearly two years, feel the universe giving them another shot at love. Ecstatic, Lily agrees to a date with Atlas, but she can’t shake off the fact that Ryle, despite being her ex-husband, still plays a significant role in her life. To complicate matters, Ryle’s discomfort with Atlas being around his daughter and ex-wife is palpable.

The narrative, offering both Lily and Atlas’s viewpoints, continues from where “It Ends with Us” concluded. As readers delve deeper into Atlas’s history and accompany Lily on her journey towards rediscovering love amidst challenges, they are reminded of Colleen Hoover’s unmatched ability to weave emotional tales.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order – Hopeless Series

Hopeless (2012)

In her senior year of high school, Sky encounters Dean Holder, a fellow student infamous for his wild reputation, which mirrors Sky’s own past. From their initial meeting, Dean strikes fear yet draws her in simultaneously.

He seems to unlock hidden memories of Sky’s traumatic past that she’s always tried to suppress. Despite her best efforts to keep a distance, Dean’s relentless pursuit and mysterious charm tear down her walls. As they grow closer, it becomes evident that Dean has been withholding significant secrets.

Once these secrets come to light, Sky’s whole world shifts, and her ability to trust becomes deeply shaken. For them to find a path forward, Sky and Dean must confront their darkest truths and discover a love that can transcend boundaries.

Losing Hope (2013)

Holder has lived a life overshadowed by guilt, stemming from an inability to save a young girl from a dangerous situation. This guilt propels him to search endlessly for her, believing that finding her would provide the closure he desperately needs.

What he didn’t anticipate was that reconnecting with her would bring about even deeper pain. Through “Losing Hope,” the story unfolds from Holder’s perspective, revealing how the traumatic events of Sky’s past affected not just her, but him and his family as well. He sees salvation in his act of saving Sky, but true healing begins only when he lets himself love her.

Finding Cinderella (A Novella) (2013)

During a serendipitous meeting in the dark, Daniel and an unknown girl decide to indulge in a make-believe love affair, agreeing it would last only for an hour. When their time concludes, and she departs hastily like the fairy-tale Cinderella, Daniel attempts to rationalize their intense connection as a mere product of their role-playing.

Yet, a year later, after enduring a hurtful relationship, Daniel’s cynicism about love is challenged when he meets a peculiar girl named Six. Their budding relationship, however, is fraught with secrets from the past that might tear them apart. Can they navigate these challenges to find their own version of a happy ending?

All Your Perfects (2018)

Quinn and Graham, once deeply in love, find their relationship strained under the weight of their imperfect marriage. Their shared past, filled with memories, mistakes, and secrets, threatens to pull them apart.

The very elements that once solidified their bond might now be the reasons they drift away. “All Your Perfects” delves deep into the complexities of their relationship, posing the question: Can a love that started so perfectly endure the trials and tribulations faced by two flawed individuals?

Finding Perfect – A Novella (2019)

“Finding Perfect” provides fans of Colleen Hoover a chance to reconnect with some of their favorite characters. Narrated by Daniel from “Finding Cinderella,” this novella offers readers the long-awaited conclusion to his story, giving them insights into his journey and the challenges he faces.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order – Anthologies

One More Step (2020)

Delve deep into the minds of writers with The Bookworm Box’s enthralling anthology, ONE MORE STEP. This collection showcases the creative prowess of twenty-six esteemed authors, each weaving a unique tale sprung from a shared first sentence.

Every narrative stands apart, offering a diverse range of stories, the common thread being merely their starting line. This initiative not only showcases literary talent but also embodies the spirit of charity.

Each author from the 2019 Bookworm Box charity has generously offered their narratives, ensuring all proceeds from the anthology benefit various charities supported by The Bookworm Box. Some of the notable contributors include A.L. Jackson, Aleatha Romig, Amy Daws, Colleen Hoover, Ginger Scott, Jessica Sorensen, Tijan, and many more.

Two More Days (2021)

The Bookworm Box proudly unveils TWO MORE DAYS, the second anthology in its heartwarming series. Continuing the tradition from the first volume, a myriad of the charity’s celebrated authors have penned diverse tales, all originating from an identical first sentence.

The tales vary in their narratives and themes, yet they share a single inception point. Every author contributing to this anthology has been part of The Bookworm Box’s journey in 2020. In a generous gesture reflecting the spirit of giving, every story has been kindly donated by the authors.

As a result, all the profits from the anthology directly benefit the multiple charities championed by The Bookworm Box, all thanks to the cherished readers. Among the contributors to this edition are Aileen Erin, Alessandra Torre, Charleigh Rose, Colleen Hoover, Eric R. Asher, Jewel E. Ann, Laurelin Paige, Tijan, and Willow Aster, among others.

Colleen Hoover’s Book Releases for 2023 and Coming Years

If you’re a fan of Colleen Hoover and you’re looking forward to new books by her in 2023, here’s some information for you.

Over the next few years, a publisher named Grand Central has plans to release three new books by Colleen Hoover. These books will be suspense stories. They are set to come out in three years: 2023, 2025, and 2027. So, if you like books that keep you on the edge of your seat, you have something to look forward to.

Another publisher, Atria, will also be bringing out new books by Colleen Hoover. These will be romance stories. Two books are planned, and they will be out in the years 2024 and 2026. So, if love stories are your thing, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these.

Now, some people have been talking about a new thriller book by Colleen Hoover that might come out in 2023. But I couldn’t find any details about this. If I find out more, I’ll make sure to let you know.

And here’s something extra: Colleen Hoover had some books she wrote and published on her own in the past. These books will be published again in 2023. So even if they’re not brand new stories, it might be the first time many people get to read them.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order – Checklist

To give you a better overview, here is a concise list of all books by Colleen Hoover.

Standalone Books:

  • Ugly Love
  • November 9
  • Confess
  • Too Late
  • Without Merit
  • Never Never
  • Verity
  • Regretting You
  • Heart Bones
  • Layla
  • Reminders of Him

Hopeless Series

  • Hopeless
  • Losing Hope
  • Finding Cinderella
  • All Your Perfects
  • Finding Perfect

It Ends With Us Series

  • It Ends With Us
  • It Starts With Us


  • One More Step
  • Two More Days

Maybe Someday Series

  • Maybe Someday
  • Maybe Not
  • Maybe Now

Slammed Series

  • Slammed
  • Point of Retreat
  • This Girl

Whether you’re a long-time Colleen Hoover fan or just discovering her work, this list should ensure you don’t miss a single story. Dive into these books and let the emotions flow!

For all the checklist enthusiasts, here’s a simple printable list to keep track:

A Checklist of all books by Colleen Hoover.

To make the most of your Colleen Hoover reading experience, you might consider reading her standalone novels first, as they offer unique, encapsulated stories. Afterwards, dive into her series, and then finally explore her anthologies for additional content and connections to her other works.

Remember, the best order in which to read Colleen Hoover’s books depends on personal preference. Some readers might enjoy starting with her more popular titles like “It Ends with Us” or “Ugly Love,” while others might opt for chronological order. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat with Colleen’s compelling stories and memorable characters!

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